Radiator internal Cleaner additive

OXVOL Radiator internal Cleaner Additive

OXVOL Radiator internal Cleaner Additive is more convenient and effective сleaner and protector a radiator which rectifies reduced cooling performance during radiator repairs and maintenance work on the cooling system


  1. Protects from contamination
  2. Neutralises lime residues
  3. Increases operational reliability
  4. Removes corrosion
  5. Cleans and removes sludge deposits in the  cooling systems
  6. Compatible with all materials used to build the radiator and with anti-freeze
  7. Removes oil residues caused by damage to the cylinder heads
  8. Suitable be used as a preventative measure every time the coolant is changed
  9. Does not suit for vehicle operation
Product code 20060
Volume 300 ml