Rust Remover Spray

OXVOL Rust Remover Spray 200ML

OXVOL Rust Remover Spray is more convenient and effective way to clean all metal surfaces effected by rust due to wat and humidity.


  1. Cleans all metal surfaces from rust
  2. Broad range of applications (the stuck nut, bolt, handtools, huntir equipments, bicycle and motorcycle parts, door and wardroi hinges and all metal surfaces.)
  3. Forms a film layer after removing the rust
  4. Delays the rusting. 
  5. Does not harm any plastic components.
  6. Removes rust stains from all types of ferrous metals 
  7. Helps the metal surfaces to resist to atmospheric corrosion
  8. OXVOL Rust Remover Spray can also be used as a rust proofing agent on steel surfaces prior to any painting or coating 
Product code 70055
Volume 200 ml