OXVOL Whell Cleaning Spray

OXVOL Whell Cleaning Spray
OXVOL Whell Cleaning Spray is a convenient, effective and acid-free special cleaner for all steel and light-alloy wheel rims. OXVOL Whell Cleaning Spray due to the acid-free combination of active agents removes even the most stubborn dirt.
  1. Removes flash rust particles from rim surface and protects it
  2. Protects wheel bolts
  3. Reduced adhesion of brake dust
  4. Formates protective film on the wheel rim
  5. Acid-free and easy-to-clean finish
  6. Easy and effective apply
  7. Does not mix with propellant
  8. Sprays in all positions: up to 360°
  9. Does not make any explosive vapour
  10. Removes firmly adhering brake abrasion, road dirt, oil and rubber residues and surface rust particles from all steel and light-alloy rims
  11. Provides optimum protection
Product code 21030
Volume 500 ml