OXVOL H3000 Liquid Grease Spray - Transparent 200 ml

OXVOL H3000 Liquid Grease Spray - Transparent

OXVOL Liquid Grease Spray is a convenient and effective general purpose lubricant to protect the surfaces.


  1. Temperature ranges: from -20 to 180 °C
  2.  For operation conditions of high load & speed
  3.  Reduces friction and wear under shock loads and eliminates squeaks
  4. Protects against rust and corrosion and resists water wash off 
  5. Easy and effective apply
  6. Broad range of applications (Garden equipment, Door channels ,Latches, Springs, Coils, Brake parts, Machinery, Tools, Hinges, Screws, Material handling and conveying equipments, Chains and sprockets, Gears, Wire ropes & Cables, Winches)
Product code 70105
Volume 200 ml