OXVOL WELDING Anti-Spatter Spray / Silicone 400 ml

OXVOL WELDING Anti-Spatter Spray / Silicone 400 ml
OXVOL WELDING Anti-Spatter Spray is more convenient and effective biological welding protection spray for aluminium, structural steel, non-ferrous base metals, stainless steels and welding torch nozzles.


  1. Does not drop and spread
  2. Does not harm when subsequently galvanising and painting
  3. Chemical basis:  Silicone
  4. Forms the thin film that resists corrosion 
  5. Does not harm any plastic components.
  6. Prevents burning-on of weld splatter on metal  constructions
  7. Does not run off or forming droplets
  8. Minimises the welding VA colour runs thanks to the cooling effect
  9. Does not adversely affect to painting
  10. Removes effortlessly welding residues
Product code 70600
Volume 400 ml