Zinc - Spray Paint

OXVOL - Zinc - Spray Paint

OXVOL - Zinc - Acrylic Spray Paint / 400 ml

OXVOL Spray Paint is an inexpensive, convenient and effective way for painting your car.

OXVOL Spray Paint has a broad range of uses due to features components which make it a widespread product.


  1. 100% acrylic paint
  2. High-grade nitro-alkydal quality
  3. Fast-drying
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Due to the high-quality technique and components which were used to produc OXVOL Acrylic Spray Paint, it can be used with over all common primers, paint types and filler products
  6. Quick- drying paint resin
  7. Does not contain heavy metals
  8. Advised processing temperature: +20C
  9. Storage temperature: +15C to +25C

Application area

  1. All types of window construction
  2. All types of steel construction
  3. Bodywork and vehicles
  4. Heaters and radiotors

Color Chart : Click to see PDF.

Product code Zinc
Volume 400 ml / 380 gr